Sunday, 7 December 2014

Turkish visit to Athens; a good idea?

What happened at the Athens Greek-Turkish forum on Friday 5-12-14?

While Mr Samaras and Mr Davoutoglou were speaking, a genie distributed thisTurkish Government (Ministry of Economy) pamphlet in which Cyprus republic is shown as GCA ( Greek Cypriot Administration).
Of course some of the guests were upset but no further action was taken than a few disapproving murmurs.


What happened at Maximou?

As soon as Mr Davoutoglou entered Maximou he made the following "friendly" declaration about the Greko-Turkish relations:  Everything can change except geographic locations. We can talk about everything else. Before there is rejoicing let me say that the term geographical location is quite different from the term geographic border. So what he really meant was that he is here to change the status quo of the Aegean.

So what's all this?


Another slap in the face by the Turks?

A Greek ultimate cool?

What do you think?

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