Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Imia no 2


New incident at Imia

Second Imia episode was reported on Monday 8-12-14 with a Turkish coastguard vessel chasing Greek fishing boat out of the Imia waters.
As usual  not a single voice heard from any Greek authorities.

For those who are not very sure of where exactly Imia is: the map t shows IMIA as two small dots between Kalimnos on the left and Turkish mainland on the right.
The green island on the North West is Kalolimnos.

In the second map the two rocks with the interesting naming in both Greek and Turkish!

Apparently this was done because of complaints by the Turks.

imia 4
Below there  is a  photo of how the incident was reported by the Turkish media showing the Turkish coastguard vessel  with the much smaller fishing boat on its port bow.

The pictures of the incident have been published by the Turks, showing the importance given by Turkey (since a large part of its foreign policy becomes apparent by the media) to the publication of these incidents.
So the Turks want all incidents to become very public, common knowledge, in opposition to the Greek authorities which NEVER admit of any incident and in general keep very quiet about them all.
Have you ever thought WHY?

Below photo of the Turkish coastguard vessel between the two Imia rocks.

imia 1

One question that we would like to ask:

Where is the Greek government?

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