Monday, 8 December 2014

Have teeth will bite...

The result of the Turkish visit to Athens, or a secret plan?


 Fields/blocks  located south of Cyprus.
TOTAL has now withdrawn from exploration.
It has been anounced that Greece and Turkey have agreed  that all exploration should stop in fields 3 and 9.
Field 9 is te field drilled by ENI-COGAS and field 3 is (illegaly) explored by Turkey.
Soon after the Turks found a huge deposit, a deal was struck between them and the Greeks, while Cypriot president Anastasiadis is in a New York Hospital for a heart operation (!?).
This is the result of a High Council of Greek - Turkish Cooperation meeting.
It's been said that the stopage is temporary until both sides sit together to find a solution to the  Cypriot problem.                                                        
In other words what the Turk wants the Turk gets.
Me thinks...  
For those who are not sure about how the  whole thing works here is an explanation:
Italian/Korean ENIKOGAS will drill for   Cyprus in fields 2 and 3 (Zenon) and 9 (Anasagoras).
French TOTAL will drill in fields 10 and 11.
USA Noble will  drill in field 12 (Aphrodite, worth some 4 to 6 trillions of barrels of gas!).


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