Thursday, 3 December 2015


How was Constantine Karamanlis connected to the NAZIS after WW2.


This photo shows Karamanlis signing the agreement for the GERMAN DEBT WRITE OFF in 1953.

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Ungrateful NAZIS call Greeks thieves and lazy today, but then- during WW2- it was them who stole and plundered Greece's National Wealth in the form of forced loans art theft and many more.
This information was outed by CIA in 16 sEPTEMBER 1962.
According to this CIA document the politicians Constantine Karamanlis and Constantine Tsaldaris were colaborators of the NAZI occupiers of Greece and Karamanlis was an informant of war criminal Max Merten. (Saturday, 7 November 2015 ABOUT GENOCIDES).

In the documeent it is written that during the war criminal Adolf EIhman's trial in Israel

it became evident that the existed a list of Greeks who colaborated with Merten during the extermination of the Jews in Thessaloniki.

In an article of the website                                                                
                    we read:

 The Eihman trial was observed by a representative of the then Greek government who was Jewish and a member of the diplomatic body in Israel.
He was given access of the trial minutes relevant to Greek Jews and he witnessed the names of the two polititians underscored with red pen.
According to the CIA document the Greek government repeatedly asked the Israelis not to make this list public. A request which Israel accepted.
You can read the whole CIA document HERE.

Did the activities of the polititians have anything to do with the exit of Karamanlis from power in 1965 which itself resaulted in the very unstable political life in Greece.

Is all this true?

Who was the Greek Eihman trial observer?

Did he tell the truth?

Is this another conspiracy theory?


And finally a little reminder of the geographical extend of the AXIS occupation of Greece.


And a map of Greece before WW2

That's all folks.