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How was Constantine Karamanlis connected to the NAZIS after WW2.


This photo shows Karamanlis signing the agreement for the GERMAN DEBT WRITE OFF in 1953.

Find more info HERE.

Ungrateful NAZIS call Greeks thieves and lazy today, but then- during WW2- it was them who stole and plundered Greece's National Wealth in the form of forced loans art theft and many more.
This information was outed by CIA in 16 sEPTEMBER 1962.
According to this CIA document the politicians Constantine Karamanlis and Constantine Tsaldaris were colaborators of the NAZI occupiers of Greece and Karamanlis was an informant of war criminal Max Merten. (Saturday, 7 November 2015 ABOUT GENOCIDES).

In the documeent it is written that during the war criminal Adolf EIhman's trial in Israel

it became evident that the existed a list of Greeks who colaborated with Merten during the extermination of the Jews in Thessaloniki.

In an article of the website                                                                
                    we read:

 The Eihman trial was observed by a representative of the then Greek government who was Jewish and a member of the diplomatic body in Israel.
He was given access of the trial minutes relevant to Greek Jews and he witnessed the names of the two polititians underscored with red pen.
According to the CIA document the Greek government repeatedly asked the Israelis not to make this list public. A request which Israel accepted.
You can read the whole CIA document HERE.

Did the activities of the polititians have anything to do with the exit of Karamanlis from power in 1965 which itself resaulted in the very unstable political life in Greece.

Is all this true?

Who was the Greek Eihman trial observer?

Did he tell the truth?

Is this another conspiracy theory?


And finally a little reminder of the geographical extend of the AXIS occupation of Greece.


And a map of Greece before WW2

That's all folks.


Friday, 27 November 2015

New atrocity by the Saudis.

Palestinian poet  is found guilty of apostasy and gets death penalty.

Σαουδική Αραβία: Σε θάνατο ποιητής «για εγκατάλειψη της ισλαμικής πίστης»Poet Ashraf Fayadh was arrested on August 2013 by the religious police and found guilty of blasphemy. The arrest happened in a cafe when a man reported that he made obscene comments about God and Mohammad and the Saudi State.
On May 26, 2014, the General Court of Abha convicted Fayadh and sentenced him to four years in prison and 800 lashes.
After an appeal by the prosecution Fayadh was given the Death Penalty on 17th November 2015.

Fayadh is a member of British-Saudi art organisation Edge of Arabia which promotes contemporary art from Saudi Arabia.

The following text is  taken from the HRW (Human Rights Watch) website.

Image result for n rights watchSaudi Arabia has executed 152 people in 2015, which according to Amnesty International is the highest recorded number since 1995. Most executions are carried out by beheading, sometimes in public. The vast majority are for murder and drug crimes, but Saudi courts occasionally hand down death sentences for other “crimes” such as apostasy and sorcery.


They are stealing Hellenic wealth on the quiet.

How did the Greek people loose control of their main banking system?

How many of us are aware of the recent passing of a by-law in the Greek Parliament that allowed prospective buyers of the top four Greek banks to set the price of shares themselves?
What this means is that the so called "Left Wing Government" through its parliamentary majority has made it compulsory for the Hellenic Financial Stability Fund to accept pricing set by the "book building method".

In such a move the Banks cannot set pricing and have to accept buyers pricing.

 "Book-building method".

During this: An underwriter "builds a book" by accepting orders from fund managers indicating the number of shares they desire and the price they are willing to pay.So foreign investors were allowed to buy majority shares in  National Bank, Alpha Bank, Eurobank and Piraeus Bank, at rock bottom prices. The total share price just 6.42 billion dollars for the banking giants which have assets worth more than $350 billion.

So, how much does the Greek State control?

State Ownership          until now   from now on

National Bank                   57%            24%
Eurobank                          35%           2.4%
Alpha Bank                       64%           11%
Piraeus Bank                     67%           22% 

And that means that: The Greek State  and its citizens have lost control of Greek banks.
In the last three years Greek people forked out $44 billion to bail out the banks of which only 6.42 is returned.
Some of the "lucky" investors are: Capital Group, Pimco, WLR Recovery Fund, Wellington, Fairfax, Brookfield Capital Partners and Highfields Capital Management. 


The Greek government has allowed the sale of these banks as if they were bankrupt even though they own assets worth more than $350 billion.

Click on the link below to see the document signed by the Minister of Economics Mr E. Tsakalotos and Economy Development and Tourism Mr Y. Stathakis that has made this sale possible.
This text is in Greek.

By-Law for the sale of the Big 4


Amfipoli News

Saturday, 7 November 2015


Stories many would like to forget.

The United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (CPPCG) defines genocide in part as "acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group". Determining what historical events constitute a genocide and which are merely criminal or inhuman behaviour is not a clear-cut matter. Some of accounts below may include ancillary causes of death such as malnutrition and disease, which may or may not have been intentionally inflicted.
(This text taken directly from WIKIPEDIA)

A list exists on WIKI showing genocide statistics around the world. In this, the Greek genocide by the Ottoman Empire is listed as having between 200,000 and 1,000,000 victims.

Was this the only genocide perpetrated by the Ottomans?  Well... no.

The Turks did five genocides/massacres over the span of  40 years. A very short period in the big scheme of things.

      Numbers                           Populations affected                    Period   

80,000 - 300,000              Hamidian  Massacres (Armenians)    1894-1896
800,000 -1,500,000         50%   of Armenians                             1915-1923
275,000 - 750,000           75%   of Assyrians                               1915-1923
200,000 - 1,000,000           Greek Genocide                                1915-1918
13,160 - 70,000                Dersim Massacre                                1937-1938

 This map shows the extend of the Ottoman empire and in a red circle the areas where most genocides were perpetrated.

It is important to realise that the Ottoman genocides had one and only one aim.
This is a new concept, something that other Empires did not engage into and which probably shows the need of the Turkish population to establish itself over all other nationalities residing in the affected areas.
This TURKIFICATION incudes Pan-Islamism as a state ideology as Turkish massacres have a large anti-Christian character and genocides are mostly against Christian populations.


Can only be the genocide of Jews, leftists, Gypsies, homosexuals and other groups by the German NAZIs in the 1940s.
Between 5 and 11 million people were gathered and put to death by extremely inhumane means.
The history is very recent and records are all too clear to be forgotten.
There is a very important Greek connection here as the massacres involve areas in Greece too.
A substantial number of Greek officials denied cooperation to the NAZIs in many cases as is the case of the Zakynthian  Mayor Loukas Karrer and Bishop Chrysostomos, who, when asked by the NAZI commandant Berenz on September 9 1943, to hand in a list of all Jews of the island they handed a list with two names only: theirs. This resulted in the saving of all Zakynthian Jews.
However this has not been a widespread experience. The Greek Jews were all but eradicated from the Hellenic peninsula.
The most numerous Jewish populations transferred to concentration death camps originated in Thessaloniki and the person which oversaw this operation was Max Merten.

The case of Max Merten               

mertrneklais very interesting and a brief account of his personal history will
1942 April.  Max Merten comes to Greece as general overseer of    
         the Jewish expulsions, responsible for the transportation of
         45,000 Jews to Auschwitz. He was responsible for the looting
         of the Jewish cemetery amounting the astronomic sum of 125,000,000 gold francs. This
         earned him the pseudonym "Butcher of Thessaloniki".
1946 The Americans offer his handing over to the Greek authorities as part of the treaty for the
         handing over of war criminals to the countries where they did their crimes.
         The Greek government rejected the offer and proposed his release because of his excellent
         behaviour and his services to Greece.
1957 March. Merten, General Secretary of the German Ministry of Justice, comes to Greece to give
         evidence in the trial of another war criminal, Arthur Maisnerkei  as a defence witness.


         He was recognised by court officials and was arrested immediately.

Interesting fact: The Germans want their war criminals to escape justice.

1958 The German ambassador made numerous representations for the release of Merten and    
         eventually the Karamanlis government cave in the demands of chancellor Adenaouer in order to
         achieve the signing of a loan from Germany worth 200 million marks.
1958 November. The agreement between Greek and German governments on the loan had a secret
         close for the cancellation of any prosecution of war criminals although Merten was excluded
         from the deal. The opposition was alerted and in:
1959 January the government brought the matter in Parliament, however there was a lot of reaction
         both  in Greece and abroad.
1959 March. Merten was tried  and convicted to 25 years imprisonment.
1959 November. Merten was extradited to Germany.
1961 November. Merten was convicted to four years for slander!!!
         against Greek politicians especially Constantine Karamanlis.

And that is how German NAZIs repay their benefactors.

But this is another story...



Thursday, 5 November 2015

Jean-Claude does it again.

 European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker does foreign policy on behalf of Greece.

In a speech he gave in Frankfurt he showed complete ignorance of the tentative relations between Greece and Turkey on matters regarding the Aegean sea.
Among other he said:
The Turks agree in the creation of a common coast guard to be used towards solving the immigration problem in the Aegean, the Greeks do not. Where do we live? Should we argue about 10 kilometres of sea, who is responsible for which bit or should we be saving human lives?
Sometimes we talk without regard for the real matters of life, we need a coast guard organised by Europe.

Now, how does this last sentence involves Turkey is bewildering.

so according to M. Juncker Germany should share its coastguard with neighbour Russia.
C'mon Jean-Claude which head are you thinking with?
Or maybe you had a few...?

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

A question of pride and prejudice

Are we ruled by traitors?tsipras surrender austerity2

This is a question that burns my guts. I often thought this question on my 60 year journey on this planet. A journey in which I experienced a series of  feelings of extreme pride followed by a series of feelings of abysmal hopelessness.
The culmination of the latter was the infamous Tsipras U-turn on the referendum he called in Greece in July.
Most Greeks, both those who supported him and those who didn't thought that this was the last stance of the Greek wanting to live with pride.
And the Greek people voted with their feet not to accept capitulation but to live a hard but independent existence. Not to be had.
Of all the U-turns, broken promises and destroyed dreams this must have been the hardest.
I will not analyse the pros and cons as it would both bore you and raise a lot of argument.
All I will say is why are people the last to learn, in the best occasions, what is going on behind the closed doors of the international chess games.

Are they all sleeping with the enemy?

The following report refers to Tsipras' holidays. The criticism is not that he enjoys opulent time out from politics.
That's Okay, if he has money he may spend it as he pleases, opulent holidays, kids in private education etc.
What is of importance is the connections with the illuminati, in other words

DIAPLOKI.  Inter-connection.

 Pay attention:

Mr Tsipras and spouse spent the Summer in a luxury villa  in Sounio, which they rented from ship owner Thanasis Martinos whose name appears in the Lagarde list.
Mr Martinos' daughter is Georgia Martini MP for New Democracy.
 In the picture: Mr Tsipras in the boat   of  Mr Costas Yiotis who was the go between in the villa rental.

Mr Martinos is a ship owner who in 2013 declared that shipping was going through hard times and he could only cover costs!
He, however, managed to order, in 2011,  the building of ships worth $350 million to shipbuilders in Korea.

There are three Martinos brothers who, together own 100 ships, mainly tankers,
of 8.5 million dwt through their three companies.

Are we ruled by traitors to their own promises?

Before the general election of January Mr Tsipras could be thought of as St. George killing the dragon with his spear.

    After the infamous referendum he looks more like
    HMV's dog.

Above, a smug Mr Martinos  probably thinks  " I've got you in my pocket..."

To me, a simple layman, this has been the biggest let down in the history of let downs, the mother of all U-turns, the standard by which all promise breaks will be judged.
It is about time that Greeks should go to the pols and vote NONE OF THE ABOVE.

To close, I have to admit: I have become prejudiced against all Greek politicians.

Greece needs a new constitution.

Greece needs only 100 MPs.

Avery good morning to all of you.


Saturday, 8 August 2015

Αυτή η χώρα ρε φίλε, δεν σώζεται με τίποτα άμα λάχει , να πούμε.                                            
Τίποτα? Μίστερ Φόρτεεεε.

Loose translation:  Nothing let's say my friend, can save this country.

Nothing?  Mr Forteeee (cleaning product from the seventies).

Some of us still remember  this clip from the Greece of the 70s/80s.

 So while you are listening to the man, Harry Klynn, you can reminiscence those care free days of the 80s and weep.                                                                                                                                                             

               Click on this black square to hear a very
               interesting interpretation of Greek politics
               of the 80's.



But seriously folks...

The situation in Greece has been worsening ever since successive governments had been borrowing heavily during the three sinful decades 80s, 90s and 00s.
As you can see from the graph they all borrowed and borrowed and borrowed...

I wonder could Karamanlis have foreseen this when he entered Greece in the Common Market of the 70s? And if he had would he have done so?

As of recent there has been a lot of talk about the damage that will be done by the ever increasing demands of the Mnemonia (forced labour and social changes by the International Lenders) on the Greek Social structure.
Maybe, however, the forced and painful normalization is necessary in a society that knows of no such things as Accountability and  Common Good. A society that everyone is looking only after Number One...

One thing must be done by Greek people: They must open their eyes and LOOK around at what is happening in the World. What will they do while It is moving forward in the globalized era?
Will they just sit back and talk about it, like peasants in a small village café or take part in this ever progressing age we are?

An eye opener...

While reading another complain on "large company taking over the Greek economy" by a Greek web Medium, I came across a study published by a company on behalf of the Hellenic Bank Association and the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises.

The study was done in 2011 by McKinsey & Co and is called Greece 10 years ahead.

Take a look,  you will find things  talked about at every coffee shop but, it seems, the politicians never heard of.

Go to:

And on this Bombshell we say...         Have a nice day.

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Why do the Turks claim greek islands?


Borders in the Middle East  will be redrawn according to reports.

In a surprise  move the United Nations have UNANIMUSLY agreed to rearrange the borders as shown in the leaked map below to accommodate the creation of New Nations in an effort to bring peace and stability to the area.

The date of this monumental move is Lunsday 31st June 2014.

                                                                                                                Map leaked by  WHellakileaks.


An extensive series of articles have been published and various actions have been made public, amounting to an attempt to legalise the proposition or plan to annexe a number of Greek islands.
The map shown above IS a true map published by VATAN PARTISI, the website of the left wing Patriotic Party, a minor party without any seats in Parliament.

According to them: In a NATO summit in Rome the Americans presented a map  with Turkey being split to create Kurdistan and they have conducted a military exercise to invade Turkey and they called it the "Millennium Challenge 2002".
They call upon people to confront the USA and the main parties especially the CHP. They also say the following:
"Those who collaborate with the USA are confronting the nation. They will pay the price and have even began to pay.
The CHP began to experience the results of cutting his ties with the land and the nation. Those who have been voting for the CHP for 40 years now say that they will not vote for the CHP again. The CHP will stay under the 10 percent electoral threshold."

It may seem paranoid that the Turks, the most important ally of the Americans in the Region, may feel so wronged, however according to the Middle East Forum (MEF) this fear may be well founded.
In quoting MEF:
"The Turkish National Assembly stunned U.S. policymakers by voting against participation in Operation Iraqi Freedom...
...The U.S.-Turkish partnership remained strong throughout the Cold War. Turkey was a North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) member and a frontline state against the Soviet Union...
... The loss of Ankara as a reliable ally has forced U.S. policymakers to readjust their regional strategy. Turkey may no longer be a pivotal state...
...The Turkish National Assembly stunned U.S. policymakers by voting against participation in Operation Iraqi Freedom...
...Does this mean that Ankara should cease to be considered a U.S. ally? No. The Turkish military remains a major U.S. partner in Afghanistan, and the United States remains Turkey's third largest export partner. Washington should do all that is reasonable to maintain strong military ties with Turkey.
This does not mean, however, that U.S. policymakers should turn a blind eye to some worrying signs in Turkish political life, most notably anti-Americanism..."

Do we still think that Turkey is just paranoid?  Hmmm...

Now we can understand why they will try their best to create trouble in the Aegean to balance their troubled Eastern Territories.


Thursday, 4 June 2015

World first: Ancient Greek's private lives revealed.

Actual evidence of the Ancient's sexual inclinations have been revealed. 

A stile recently auctioned by Christie's in London has given an insight on the unknown lives of the Ancients.
The  interest lies at the two obvious points on the stile.
Without going into too much detail these points are the positions of the hands of the bearded men.



A stile WAS auctioned by Christie's on Wednesday April 14th for 128.020 Euros.
The point of interest is that Greek Ministry of Culture maintains that the tomb stile was removed from an ancient cemetery in Halkida and it did ask for the removal of the stile from the auction.
This was rejected and now the Greek Ministry will be looking at other avenues for the repatriation of  the ancient stile.

The 4th century tomb stile with the inscription   ΔΩΡΙΑΣ  ΠΟΣΕΙΔΩΝΙΟΥ   (Dorias Poseidonios) is shown below.
It was listed in Greece by Edward Shubert in 1844 and was seen by Alexander Rizos Ragavis (1809-1892), Poet and Author who was a member of the Fanariots (members of the Greek Revolution secret society).
According to the Greek authorities this means presence during the New Greek State and consequently right of ownership by Greece.

Η Ελλάδα δεν μπόρεσε να εμποδίσει τη δημοπρασία σπάνιας επιτύμβιας στήλης
 The tomb stile depicting Dorias leaving for Ades, being sent off by another and a girl.

The hunter of stolen antiquities.

Dr Christos Chirogiannis is an archaelogist who works within a team of dedicated scientists poised to discover and demand the repatriation of stolen antiquities.
The team includes David Gill-University of Swansea, Christopher Chippendale-University of Cambridge and Lord Renfrew-University of Cambridge.
 Dr Tsirogiannis has worked with the Greek Ministry of Culture in the case of the Schinousa Vila in 2006.
He was also responsible in 2010, for the cancelation of the sale of four Roman sculptures by Bonham's, which he prove were the object of illegal  trade.                                                  
                                                                                                                      Dr Tsirogiannis

Information taken  from:                             dimoprasia-spanias-epitymvias-stilis


Saturday, 18 April 2015

The New Turkish islands of the Aegean

More proof that the Turks are not a peaceful nation? 

Forget invading Cyprus, supporting separatist movements in Northern Greece or supporting anti-Greek religious groups in FYROM and extreme nationalist expansionism in Albania.
The latest Turkish "peaceful" declaration towards its neighbour Greece is the intention of annexation/invasion of 16 -yes 16- Greek islands.
The islands are shown here in the map with their respective names in bold letters.
They are all well known Greek islands most of them populated.
The most well known ones are Oinouses, Fourni, Farmakonisi, Agathonisi, Kalolimnos, Dia, Gavthos.
The less known ones are Kira Panagia, Fimena, Arkoi, Koufonisi, Giali, Platia, Sirna, Gaithouronisi and Dionisathes.

Is it true?

Why are they doing it?

What will Greece do about it?

Let's examine things from the beginning:
On February 27 Ümit Özdağ, Lecturer of Political Science and Chairman of the Institute "Turkey - 21st Century" declared that " Turkey must claim the lost Greek islands of the Aegean - which have been left to Greece because of Turkish indifference - as a counterbalance for the Turkish losses in its eastern borders".
He obviously refers to losses of sovereignty to a new Kurdish state.
Ümit Özdağ claimed that the Turkish government has recent studies which prove that Greek sovereignty of the islands is illegal and they belong to Turkey.
He then asked Turkish prime Minister Ahmet Davoutoglou what actions he has undertaken towards taking the islands.

 Some facts:
"Turkey - 21st Century" institute. One of the many Government sponsored Turkish organisations that deals with geo-strategic matters.

A "special committee" has been formed to claim the islands. Members of this committee are:
Retired General Naci Beştepe Vice Chairman of the political Kemalist party Vatan.
Judge  Tırgut Okyar.
Ex General Secretary of Turkish Ministry of Defence retired Colonel Ümit Yalım.
The committee has declared that the making of the Aegean into a Greek lake must not be allowed.

Watch this video on the 16 island claim by the Turks.

Already since 2013 Davoutoglou has been declaring the Turkish challenge on the Greek islands.
More on this on the article by the newspaper TA NEA on the website

The inevitable questions:

Is it really possible that the Turks are so bold to really intend to take these islands by force? Do they really want to get to war with Greece? Are the Americans going to allow it? Are the Greeks able to defend the islands? Is another Cyprus on the making? Or do they use this rhetoric, as usual, for internal consumption ( me thinks unlikely )?
Is it possible they use this method as a means of pressure towards getting a share of the Aegean resources? Is it likely that now that the great South Eastern energy race is on they have this method only to claim a piece of the pie?

I have to admit I am waiting with great anxiety but also excitement to see how the new kids on the block in Greece will deal with this new issue.
Are they going to use the usual "head in the sand" action inaction or is Defence Minister Kamenos going to do something gutsy?


 I know, too many questions...


Saturday, 14 February 2015

"THE LIST"... a story in three parts.

1.   Lagarde, Falciani and HSBC... the short story.

In 2010 the then Minister of Minister of Economic Affairs, Finance and Employment of France passed a list of  Greek HSBC customers to the Greek Government an act that she repeated in 2012.

This passed list has been exchanged and manipulated and it is doubtful if by now it is the same as it was in the hands of Lagarde.

It was of course H. Falciani who, fleeing Switzerland, gave the list of over 100,000 names of HSBC customers to Lagarde.

Falciani has been condemned by many as a thief and the Swiss have asked for his extradition from France, which has turned them down as no French citizen can be extradited.
Note here that approximately 150 journalists from around the world are involved in this expose affair.

In the light of the latest revelations on the activities of HSBC, which itself has admitted as wrongful,  it is hard to   accept that investors on the list were law abiding tax payers.
In any way it is for the state machinery and tax drawing authorities to decipher this.
Should such a list be made public?
Maybe the question should be:

Should I have eyes on a list made public?

If you think that you can gain something from it you can see the list on this link.


2.   The List, Papandreou and the long arm of tax evasion.

After recent controversial publications, the ex wife of Andreas Papandreou has denied she is the owner of a 500,000 Euro account.
The allegations of ownership of such account first came to light when the Italian newspaper  Corrierre della Sera published comments by H. Falciani saying that Yiorgos Papandreou was blackmailed by President Sarkozy to take Greece to the IMF or he would make public Margaret's 500Milion account.

In the picture Yiorgos Papandreou third from the left and Margaret Papandreou 6th from the left.

3.   The wider world connection.

Further from this example of the shadowy existence of the Greek Tax Evader endemic in Greek society, it is in many others too and a glimpse may be had in the table below published by" Swiss Leaks" in a report  by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, based in Washington DC and French newspaper Le Monde showing the extend of tax evasion from around the world following the trail of French Investigators who went to England to interview British HSBC Bank  IT worker H. Falciani regarding French client's accounts.
The rest is history.

Greece has stashed 2.6 Billion Euros in Swiss bank accounts.

Over 2,000 Greeks have Swiss bank accounts.

The following entry is directly taken from Global Post.

Last month, Oxfam reported that the 80 richest people in the world now control as much money as the 3.5 billion poorest people. By 2016, if current trends continue, the richest 1 percent will own more than half of the world’s total wealth. (Currently, they own 48 percen

That’s why the Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported on the 6,500 Israelis who held $10 billion in HSBC accounts between 1988 and 2007. It’s why the Guardian called attention to HSBC accounts linked to high-profile British politicians and donors. And it’s why the CBC named and shamed Canadian billionaires Frank Giustra, Joseph Kruger II, and Marcel Adams.

The “Swiss Leaks” story and the stories it’s revealed are developing, so follow along. The Swiss government has just opened a criminal investigation against the Geneva-based HSBC for “aggravated money laundering.”
Global Post's website is:


The Guardian
Keep talking Greece

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Eurogroup My love

Has a new love story grown at the Eurogroup meeting?

It is the instant fame that Varoufakis has received which has made him so desirable to the opposite sex.
So desirable indeed that even the strong woman of IMF Laggard has fallen under his spell.
Or maybe she has identified with his stylish, slightly leatheresque look and his chiselled features.
One way or another they both will have a hard job explaining just how they were  both seen to wear the same scarf at the Eurogroup.

How can they POssibly explain  it.

Here is what goes round at the corridors.
There was a mix up with the rooms at the hotel where they both had bookings and when Yiannis saw the forgotten scarf immediately made it his own to remind him of his tete-a-tete with gorgeous Laggard.
Notice the untacked shirt.

Danae beware...

Monday, 2 February 2015

Oil for everybody, but who will win the war?


In recent months the price of oil has fallen to a six year low.
What has triggered this down ward trend? When will it end? Who is going to gain from it?
In the graphic we can see the development of the price since the late 80s.
Since the late 90s the demand for oil by China has been growing until its peak in the late noughties.
Price kept going up as demand was much greater than available oil.
Then the financial crisis happened which changed the dynamics of the markets.
North America, affected by high prices, started fraking in the shale fields of North Dakota and Texas  and oil sands of Alberta. This caused stockpiling of plentiful oil mainly because of weak European economies and governmental efficiency policies around the world.
The price of oil was therefore on a downward slope.

To add to this slide, although OPEC countries need high prices for their economy, they have done nothing to make prices rise. Instead and in order to maintain market share they keep extracting.
At the same time shale extraction is becoming uneconomic and fears are voiced by producers who are in trouble of closing down shop.
So all that we have to do is to sit behind the wheel drive as much as we can and wit to see who will win.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

What are Greece's main trading products?

Are peaches the main product that Greece exports and cars the main that it imports?

A lot of us might have quite the wrong knowledge of what the main import/export products are.
This may really be an eye opener.

 If anyone wants the destination of any product please make a comment with your request and I shall upload or email you the answer.

Exports - Table accurate for 2012.

12710Refined Petroleum$11,811,725,366.7634.91%
23004Packaged Medicaments$1,064,618,053.743.15%
37606Aluminium Plating$631,704,220.411.87%
40302Non-fillet Fresh Fish$580,083,500.361.71%
55201Raw Cotton$572,233,780.571.69%
67411Copper Pipes$438,980,878.861.30%
71509Pure Olive Oil$431,234,022.661.27%
82008Other Processed Fruits and Nuts$422,066,541.081.25%
98544Insulated Wire$411,013,986.921.21%
102005Other Processed Vegetables$393,632,054.351.16%
127214Raw Iron Bars$348,115,083.921.03%
138901Passenger and Cargo Ships$345,488,470.371.02%
142401Raw Tobacco$315,388,977.020.93%
157601Raw Aluminium$275,407,330.800.81%
162402Rolled Tobacco$251,361,177.850.74%
194303Furskin Apparel$237,944,728.370.70%
202711Petroleum Gas$229,927,666.510.68%
213902Propylene Polymers$228,716,721.620.68%
220809Pitted Fruits$211,856,083.380.63%
238212Razor Blades$211,259,437.010.62%
257607Aluminium Foil$201,638,906.420.60%
270810Other Fruits$187,923,516.100.56%
287604Aluminium Bars$180,480,039.180.53%
293920Raw Plastic Sheeting$178,581,456.160.53%
307305Other Large Iron Pipes$150,297,237.400.44%
317404Scrap Copper$148,877,897.940.44%
322818Aluminium Oxide$148,534,551.550.44%
336109Knit T-shirts$142,868,273.760.42%
347213Hot-Rolled Iron Bars$135,052,743.890.40%
368802Planes, Helicopters, and/or Spacecraft$131,595,391.000.39%
376802Building Stone$130,839,678.970.39%
383903Styrene Polymers$130,475,434.170.39%
397306Other Small Iron Pipes$128,236,112.630.38%
403402Cleaning Products$127,754,171.530.38%
418525Broadcasting Equipment$123,173,667.690.36%
422208Hard Liquor$119,540,033.540.35%
432515Marble, Travertine and Alabaster$118,866,820.480.35%
446002Light Rubberized Knitted Fabric$117,084,070.710.35%
453923Plastic Lids$108,982,048.930.32%
463304Beauty Products$108,074,997.450.32%
472713Petroleum Coke$101,749,355.430.30%
490709Other Vegetables$99,707,580.100.29%
508536Low-voltage Protection Equipment$98,238,440.220.29%
523924Plastic Housewares$94,602,093.400.28%
536106Knit Women's Shirts$92,579,847.930.27%
547308Iron Structures$90,911,284.600.27%
558409Engine Parts$90,316,530.450.27%
563105Mixed Mineral or Chemical Fertilizers$87,259,511.670.26%
573003Unpackaged Medicaments$85,088,029.050.25%
580403Fermented Milk Products$84,562,374.920.25%
599405Light Fixtures$84,468,860.240.25%
604010Rubber Belting$84,445,624.650.25%
618507Electric Batteries$84,234,592.150.25%
622106Other Edible Preparations$83,201,942.300.25%
631701Raw Sugar$82,560,719.120.24%
651207Other Oily Seeds$77,574,909.140.23%
663921Other Plastic Sheetings$76,907,222.960.23%
683208Nonaqueous Paints$76,264,273.960.23%
692001Pickled Foods$74,203,291.480.22%
701905Baked Goods$74,108,293.330.22%
716104Knit Women's Suits$72,857,384.810.22%
737408Copper Wire$71,072,642.100.21%
748428Lifting Machinery$70,637,321.320.21%
753802Activated Carbon$69,723,786.010.21%
768903Recreational Boats$68,088,090.470.20%
779028Utility Meters$67,172,130.260.20%
788803Aircraft Parts$66,848,022.550.20%
791901Malt Extract$64,948,209.760.19%
814818Toilet Paper$63,972,378.330.19%
828708Vehicle Parts$63,748,010.000.19%
832002Processed Tomatoes$63,354,086.120.19%
858419Other Heating Machinery$63,078,132.070.19%
876204Non-Knit Women's Suits$62,520,815.290.18%
887210Coated Flat-Rolled Iron$60,705,655.630.18%
899503Models and Stuffed Animals$58,929,070.640.17%
904707Recovered Paper$57,466,125.090.17%
933823Industrial Fatty Acids, Oils and Alcohols$54,456,298.810.16%
943917Plastic Pipes$52,734,515.910.16%
957612Aluminium Cans$52,180,442.560.15%
964301Raw Furskins$51,107,375.490.15%
977216Iron Blocks$50,601,401.810.15%
987204Scrap Iron$50,166,132.870.15%
1003204Synthetic Coloring Matter$49,525,763.520.15%
1017610Aluminium Structures$48,979,350.570.14%
1023901Ethylene Polymers$48,950,053.160.14%
1038516Electric Heaters$48,905,962.310.14%
1042607Lead Ore$48,634,686.160.14%
1054102Sheep Hides$46,511,315.200.14%
1067407Copper Bars$46,407,222.870.14%
1078431Excavation Machinery$45,785,750.730.14%
1088309Metal Stoppers$45,686,151.170.14%
1098504Electrical Transformers$45,450,526.800.13%
1102009Fruit Juice$45,385,552.000.13%
1112202Flavored Water$45,372,867.990.13%
1128474Stone Processing Machines$44,683,576.770.13%
1143307Shaving Products$44,644,247.480.13%
1155205Non-Retail Pure Cotton Yarn$43,670,742.940.13%
1160811Frozen Fruits and Nuts$43,146,427.190.13%
1176115Knit Socks and Hosiery$42,266,499.500.12%
1184302Tanned Furskins$42,122,280.400.12%
1197324Iron Toiletry$42,094,209.050.12%
1217616Other Aluminium Products$41,724,076.350.12%
1223102Nitrogenous Fertilizers$40,889,202.900.12%
1230808Apples and Pears$40,603,544.320.12%
1241704Confectionery Sugar$39,661,334.660.12%
1253919Self-adhesive Plastics$39,307,776.770.12%
1282820Manganese Oxides$38,129,385.660.11%
1303305Hair Products$37,957,969.000.11%
1313214Glaziers Putty$37,810,958.070.11%
1324819Paper Containers$37,742,212.110.11%
1333926Other Plastic Products$37,734,620.380.11%
1342530Other Mineral$37,725,040.200.11%
1356203Non-Knit Men's Suits$37,716,598.980.11%
1364810Kaolin Coated Paper$37,466,864.930.11%
1374410Particle Board$37,050,509.330.11%
1385407Synthetic Filament Yarn Woven Fabric$36,574,572.480.11%
1399018Medical Instruments$36,333,670.570.11%
1418541Semiconductor Devices$35,371,061.860.10%
1427112Precious Metal Scraps$35,165,833.800.10%
1435603Non-woven Textiles$34,968,181.970.10%
1448424Liquid Dispersing Machines$34,962,257.980.10%
1458704Delivery Trucks$34,947,391.300.10%
1467212Large Coated Flat-Rolled Iron$34,881,797.050.10%
1474823Shaped Paper$34,599,445.090.10%
1489403Other Furniture$34,148,089.980.10%
1493002Human or Animal Blood$33,827,981.410.10%
1520304Fish Fillets$33,195,071.730.10%
1537211Large Flat-Rolled Iron$33,167,443.110.10%
1546110Knit Sweaters$32,983,346.170.10%
1552519Magnesium Carbonate$32,511,611.280.10%
1565209Heavy Pure Woven Cotton$32,239,824.220.10%
1572712Petroleum Jelly$32,123,421.990.09%
1582606Aluminium Ore$31,683,510.380.09%
1591510Olive Oil$31,673,292.450.09%
1617206Iron Ingots$31,298,489.140.09%
1627602Scrap Aluminium$31,201,197.190.09%
1638502Electric Generating Sets$31,006,263.590.09%
1648438Industrial Food Preperation Machinery$30,166,078.510.09%
1657304Iron Pipes$29,935,989.660.09%
1678443Industrial Printers$29,801,751.270.09%
1687326Other Iron Products$29,735,214.720.09%
1700711Preserved Vegetables$29,079,552.570.09%
1717325Other Cast Iron Products$28,974,382.510.09%
1728415Air Conditioners$28,973,042.560.09%
1736810Cement Articles$28,955,625.130.09%
1742608Zinc Ore$28,923,464.140.09%
1759504Video and Card Games$27,353,311.310.08%
1808528Video Displays$26,677,426.180.08%
1818537Electrical Control Boards$26,179,492.610.08%
1828411Gas Turbines$26,131,468.070.08%
1838429Large Construction Vehicles$25,918,720.460.08%
1844011Rubber Tires$25,559,632.740.08%
1857801Raw Lead$25,497,996.830.08%
1866403Leather Footwear$24,893,542.850.07%
1875607Twine and Rope$24,731,302.170.07%
1890802Other Nuts$23,943,778.310.07%
1908402Steam Boilers$23,600,407.500.07%
1914911Other Printed Material$23,593,350.550.07%
1926112Knit Active Wear$23,395,115.240.07%
1936206Non-Knit Women's Shirts$23,389,455.930.07%
1948302Metal Mountings$23,267,075.550.07%
1957608Aluminium Pipes$23,253,109.900.07%
1982309Animal Food$22,514,294.220.07%
1991511Palm Oil$21,958,664.490.06%
2008705Specialized Vehicles$21,817,949.310.06%
2019102Base Metal Watches$21,740,300.680.06%
2022715Asphalt Mixtures$21,726,694.740.06%
2030305Processed Fish$21,685,462.900.06%
2043925Plastic Building Materials$21,656,923.170.06%
2050303Non-fillet Frozen Fish$21,356,316.040.06%
2068413Liquid Pumps$21,332,277.040.06%
2079101Precious Metal Watches$21,241,998.730.06%
2082620Non-Iron and Steel Slag, Ash and Residues$21,069,711.890.06%
2097209Cold-Rolled Iron$21,027,495.530.06%
2108479Machinery Having Individual Functions$20,721,253.960.06%
2111516Other Vegetable Oils$20,676,860.800.06%
2127217Iron Wire$19,994,879.860.06%
2130207Poultry Meat$19,929,386.880.06%
2162105Ice Cream$19,062,964.530.06%
2173206Other Coloring Matter$19,020,046.240.06%
2203209Aqueous Paints$18,202,873.540.05%
2213816Refractory Cements$18,098,448.990.05%
2228414Air Pumps$17,810,990.850.05%
2238524Sound Recordings$17,650,331.490.05%
2248533Electrical Resistors$17,524,956.540.05%
2252101Coffee and Tea Extracts$17,443,858.770.05%
2264202Trunks and Cases$17,258,495.040.05%
2270301Live Fish$16,960,941.050.05%
2284101Equine and Bovine Hides$16,943,141.360.05%
2297010Glass Bottles$16,721,698.600.05%
2306404Textile Footwear$16,543,929.880.05%
2310804Tropical Fruits$16,469,388.060.05%
2329306Explosive Ammunition$16,218,509.950.05%
2349005Binoculars and Telescopes$16,032,337.200.05%
2353915Scrap Plastic$15,731,221.350.05%
2364411Wood Fiberboard$15,700,015.770.05%
2406302House Linens$15,159,576.640.04%
2418451Textile Processing Machines$14,961,914.420.04%
2428538Electrical Power Accessories$14,833,309.100.04%
2438422Washing and Bottling Machines$14,830,111.490.04%
2454803Facial Tissue$14,659,800.570.04%
2470402Concentrated Milk$14,573,389.580.04%
2480204Sheep and Goat Meat$14,415,795.690.04%
2496806Rock Wool$14,374,472.500.04%
2508462Forging Machines$14,271,643.780.04%
2519021Orthopedic Appliances$14,168,081.330.04%
2528523Blank Audio Media$14,027,102.570.04%
2538477Rubberworking Machinery$14,012,282.230.04%
2543302Scented Mixtures$13,771,439.470.04%
2555402Non-Retail Synthetic Filament Yarn$13,747,510.570.04%
2561602Other Prepared Meat$13,700,339.400.04%
2576111Knit Babies' Garments$13,502,092.610.04%
2588529Broadcasting Accessories$13,502,015.170.04%
2596108Knit Women's Undergarments$13,340,664.150.04%
2615703Tufted Carpets$13,062,910.860.04%
2621605Processed Crustaceans$12,412,370.330.04%
2638531Audio Alarms$12,265,737.260.04%
2659505Party Decorations$12,140,226.350.04%
2660710Frozen Vegetables$12,138,233.700.04%
2670602Other Live Plants$12,121,390.520.04%
2686805Abrasive Powder$12,041,818.080.04%
2698473Office Machine Parts$11,967,113.590.04%
2702403Processed Tobacco$11,719,333.900.03%
2716305Packing Bags$11,685,451.330.03%
2722618Granulated Slag$11,684,056.120.03%
2757207Semi-Finished Iron$11,342,426.090.03%
2781301Insect Resins$11,013,388.260.03%
2798408Combustion Engines$10,972,867.930.03%
2805208Light Pure Woven Cotton$10,971,799.650.03%
2811208Oil Seed Flower$10,964,126.870.03%
2821904Prepared Cereals$10,961,520.500.03%
2830203Pig Meat$10,813,282.790.03%
2848515Electric Soldering Equipment$10,764,513.920.03%
2852306Other Vegetable Residues$10,566,877.470.03%
2866402Rubber Footwear$10,551,672.100.03%
2886107Knit Men's Undergarments$10,261,582.820.03%
2902103Sauces and Seasonings$10,040,880.600.03%
2916211Non-Knit Active Wear$9,725,636.310.03%
2928535High-voltage Protection Equipment$9,644,844.520.03%
2939031Other Measuring Instruments$9,556,520.880.03%
2942304Soybean Meal$9,542,816.760.03%
2957208Hot-Rolled Iron$9,522,536.420.03%
2977312Stranded Iron Wire$9,480,312.670.03%
2980813Dried Fruits$9,477,737.710.03%
3008480Metal Molds$9,382,298.150.03%
3018501Electric Motors$9,278,709.910.03%
3031101Wheat Flours$9,198,571.780.03%
3048432Soil Preparation Machinery$9,042,734.490.03%
3058908Scrap Vessels$9,004,734.710.03%
3067310Small Iron Containers$8,983,261.360.03%
3078433Harvesting Machinery$8,943,441.900.03%
3095202Cotton Waste$8,803,142.500.03%
3108542Integrated Circuits$8,635,981.110.03%
3118412Other Engines$8,570,325.880.03%
3149506Sports Equipment$8,422,889.180.02%
3154821Paper Labels$8,404,031.180.02%
3169406Prefabricated Buildings$8,273,946.580.02%
3184703Sulfate Chemical Woodpulp$8,082,273.000.02%
3190104Sheep and Goats$8,052,802.160.02%
3207307Iron Pipe Fittings$8,006,551.600.02%
3214103Other Hides and Skins$7,866,862.960.02%
3226406Footwear Parts$7,777,706.590.02%
3266103Knit Men's Suits$7,565,318.640.02%
3280511Other Inedible Animal Products$7,550,404.050.02%
3296905Roofing Tiles$7,420,971.760.02%
3308512Electrical Lighting and Signalling Equipment$7,378,593.340.02%
3324016Other Rubber Products$7,275,608.790.02%
3349015Surveying Equipment$7,145,920.890.02%
3356105Knit Men's Shirts$7,141,101.950.02%
3362517Gravel and Crushed Stone$7,101,129.660.02%
3391604Processed Fish$6,990,567.450.02%
3409027Chemical Analysis Instruments$6,874,863.350.02%
3417226Flat-Rolled Iron$6,776,787.010.02%
3428463Other Non-Metal Removal Machinery$6,717,443.000.02%
3438465Woodworking machines$6,671,814.700.02%
3443822Laboratory Reagents$6,669,482.010.02%
3462905Acyclic Alcohols$6,644,667.300.02%
3472104Soups and Broths$6,607,043.780.02%
3487117Imitation Jewellery$6,557,063.400.02%
3498904Tug Boats$6,536,664.000.02%
3518434Dairy Machinery$6,482,982.860.02%
3524107Leather of Other Animals$6,482,287.700.02%
3543403Lubricating Products$6,410,836.710.02%
3578543Other Electrical Machinery$6,343,670.370.02%
3596117Other Knit Clothing Accessories$6,243,595.890.02%
3607013Interior Decorative Glassware$6,231,678.340.02%
3616205Non-Knit Men's Shirts$6,179,893.130.02%
3627403Refined Copper$6,130,092.500.02%
3658441Other Paper Machinery$6,052,867.680.02%
3666114Other Knit Garments$6,038,952.360.02%
3675510Non-Retail Artificial Staple Fibers Yarn$5,975,228.380.02%
3684813Cigarette Paper$5,962,260.990.02%
3697409Copper Plating$5,886,288.320.02%
3701507Soybean Oil$5,881,382.860.02%
3711512Seed Oils$5,872,537.040.02%
3727323Iron Housewares$5,828,171.290.02%
3732707Coal Tar Oil$5,746,508.850.02%
3747412Copper Pipe Fittings$5,745,648.850.02%
3755503Unprocessed Synthetic Staple Fibers$5,730,014.460.02%
3766307Other Cloth Articles$5,728,080.130.02%
3773904Vinyl Chloride Polymers$5,724,093.660.02%
3784205Other Leather Articles$5,720,278.910.02%
3798450Household Washing Machines$5,705,045.290.02%
3805408Artificial Filament Yarn Woven Fabric$5,562,812.710.02%
3817320Iron Springs$5,462,539.390.02%
3829026Gas and Liquid Flow Measuring Instruments$5,373,431.510.02%
3838526Navigation Equipment$5,368,418.490.02%
3845515Other Synthetic Fabrics$5,351,187.690.02%
3855804Tulles and Net Fabric$5,343,239.880.02%
3867309Large Iron Containers$5,338,477.820.02%
3884418Wood Carpentry$5,226,407.820.02%
3893306Dental Products$5,192,396.530.02%
3918466Metalworking Machine Parts$5,052,044.190.01%
3938437Mill Machinery$4,992,351.550.01%
3957314Iron Cloth$4,951,651.550.01%
3970408Processed Egg Products$4,941,474.700.01%
3986910Bathroom Ceramics$4,926,329.610.01%
4008521Video Recording Equipment$4,838,397.280.01%
4014808Corrugated Paper$4,835,484.350.01%
4022933Nitrogen Heterocyclic Compounds$4,807,056.550.01%
4037114Metal-Clad Products$4,805,739.080.01%
4044105Tanned Sheep Hides$4,708,534.570.01%
4055204Cotton Sewing Thread$4,694,344.030.01%
4060713Dried Legumes$4,667,573.390.01%
4073006Special Pharmaceuticals$4,666,158.510.01%
4088442Print Production Machinery$4,654,518.550.01%
4097321Iron Stovetops$4,598,972.430.01%
4102817Zinc Oxide and Peroxide$4,558,685.900.01%
4118509Other Domestic Electric Housewares$4,545,022.220.01%
4126201Non-Knit Men's Coats$4,540,570.740.01%
4133405Polishes and Creams$4,521,881.380.01%
4144415Wood Crates$4,485,405.030.01%
4158407Spark-Ignition Engines$4,481,103.580.01%
4164822Paper Spools$4,469,564.960.01%
4177905Zinc Sheets$4,467,928.730.01%
4184802Uncoated Paper$4,444,449.420.01%
4198403Central Heating Boilers$4,433,509.600.01%
4208430Other Construction Vehicles$4,312,058.080.01%
4216212Other Women's Undergarments$4,284,590.640.01%
4221519Stearic Acid$4,265,391.530.01%
4238539Electric Filament$4,187,137.420.01%
4248306Bells and Other Metal Ornaments$4,178,985.090.01%
4259022X-Ray Equipment$4,161,444.100.01%
4274407Sawn Wood$4,141,175.850.01%
4294203Leather Apparel$4,137,354.830.01%
4301514Rapeseed Oil$4,136,392.030.01%
4317318Iron Fasteners$4,028,862.280.01%
4325806Narrow Woven Fabric$4,002,108.100.01%
4347219Large Flat-Rolled Stainless Steel$3,886,536.320.01%
4366202Non-Knit Women's Coats$3,790,981.290.01%
4378905Special Purpose Ships$3,787,864.000.01%
4408707Vehicle Bodies$3,763,102.850.01%
4418511Electrical Ignitions$3,758,442.270.01%
4429033Opto-Electric Instrument Parts$3,755,227.920.01%
4435702Hand-Woven Rugs$3,738,380.910.01%
4448205Other Hand Tools$3,723,953.390.01%
4453502Water Soluble Proteins$3,709,454.490.01%
4476405Other Footwear$3,640,106.580.01%
4487225Flat Flat-Rolled Steel$3,614,400.870.01%
4498425Pulley Systems$3,556,973.110.01%
4528406Steam Turbines$3,543,874.000.01%
4538906Other Sea Vessels$3,537,200.190.01%
4548508Vacuum Cleaners$3,512,646.470.01%
4555512Synthetic Fabrics$3,468,359.970.01%
4566904Ceramic Bricks$3,465,722.180.01%
4578207Interchangeable Tool Parts$3,464,645.770.01%
4583701Photographic Plates$3,462,917.060.01%
4594403Rough Wood$3,458,347.540.01%
4608478Tobacco Processing Machines$3,399,311.410.01%
4624421Other Wood Articles$3,329,584.020.01%
4634012Used Rubber Tires$3,308,607.180.01%
4642932Oxygen Heterocyclic Compounds$3,304,554.110.01%
4659705Collector's Items$3,285,633.830.01%
4661202Ground Nuts$3,268,464.000.01%
4678308Other Metal Fasteners$3,246,917.510.01%
4687802Scrap Lead$3,241,372.230.01%
4693602Prepared Explosives$3,215,358.800.01%
4704811Cellulose Fibers Paper$3,209,084.210.01%
4716217Other Non-Knit Clothing Accessories$3,204,258.760.01%
4730201Bovine Meat$3,155,929.100.01%
4747315Iron Chains$3,149,438.070.01%
4758714Bi-Wheel Vehicle Parts$3,118,708.480.01%
4764008Rubber Sheets$3,110,485.570.01%
4771404Other Vegetable Products$3,082,812.540.01%
4787215Other Iron Bars$2,977,393.900.01%
4794408Veneer Sheets$2,974,674.350.01%
4803905Other Vinyl Polymers$2,973,440.320.01%
4813906Acrylic Polymers$2,935,060.770.01%
4828457Metalworking Transfer Machines$2,917,416.790.01%
4837019Glass Fibers$2,888,379.270.01%
4846908Glazed Ceramics$2,886,889.550.01%
4863922Plastic Wash Basins$2,879,111.100.01%
4872930Organo-Sulfur Compounds$2,866,506.250.01%
4882922Oxygen Amino Compounds$2,823,039.150.01%
4893814Organic Composite Solvents$2,787,822.490.01%
4902006Sugar Preserved Foods$2,737,284.260.01%
4913001Glands and Other Organs$2,729,854.860.01%
4931209Sowing Seeds$2,726,117.320.01%
4948311Coated Metal Soldering Products$2,710,949.120.01%
4950712Dried Vegetables$2,687,363.680.01%
4988547Metal Insulating Fittings$2,638,847.620.01%
5006209Non-Knit Babies' Garments$2,619,320.740.01%
5019023Instructional Models$2,618,499.280.01%
5026207Non-Knit Men's Undergarments$2,614,035.880.01%
5036208Non-Knit Women's Undergarments$2,601,229.150.01%
5048482Ball Bearings$2,597,974.650.01%
5050206Edible Offal$2,591,955.010.01%
5061515Other Pure Vegetable Oils$2,589,871.730.01%
5076809Plaster Articles$2,586,611.520.01%
5081103Cereal Meal and Pellets$2,556,826.920.01%
5108456Non-Mechanical Removal Machinery$2,543,297.460.01%
5124805Other Uncoated Paper$2,524,875.410.01%
5148518Microphones and Headphones$2,476,506.030.01%
5154002Synthetic Rubber$2,461,628.630.01%
5160209Animal Fat$2,420,342.290.01%
5178907Other Floating Structures$2,418,633.880.01%
5188445Textile Fiber Machinery$2,403,307.880.01%
5196911Porcelain Tableware$2,393,149.890.01%
5218436Other Agricultural Machinery$2,371,992.220.01%
5223809Dyeing Finishing Agents$2,318,425.510.01%
5238447Knitting Machines$2,312,477.250.01%
5245401Artificial Filament Sewing Thread$2,222,448.860.01%
5255203Prepared Cotton$2,207,888.530.01%
5263212Nonaqueous Pigments$2,193,576.500.01%
5273707Photographic Chemicals$2,181,511.050.01%
5297609Aluminium Pipe Fittings$2,172,316.160.01%
5307419Other Copper Products$2,146,842.570.01%
5316210Felt or Coated Fabric Garments$2,142,875.220.01%
5326101Knit Men's Coats$2,139,700.970.01%
5356001Pile Fabric$2,104,535.410.01%
5371302Vegetable Saps$2,093,042.460.01%
5384015Rubber Apparel$2,091,632.300.01%
5396303Window Dressings$2,076,952.500.01%
5408534Printed Circuit Boards$2,066,260.560.01%
5411211Perfume Plants$2,053,376.510.01%
5428416Liquid Fuel Furnaces$2,035,371.310.01%
5436102Knit Women's Coats$2,030,602.880.01%
5448453Leather Machinery$2,029,163.230.01%
5453815Reaction and Catalytic Products$2,027,844.240.01%
5469001Optical Fibers$2,024,834.210.01%
5477615Aluminium Housewares$2,006,573.030.01%
5489402Medical Furniture$1,999,817.140.01%
5492502Iron Pyrites$1,995,768.000.01%
5508472Other Office Machines$1,994,958.070.01%
5515508Non-Retail Artificial Staple Fibers Sewing Thread$1,972,659.070.01%
5522916Unsaturated Acyclic Monocarboxylic Acids$1,963,671.680.01%
5538440Book-binding Machines$1,946,215.780.01%
5545911Technical Use Textiles$1,934,730.760.01%
5556306Awnings, Tents, and Sails $1,908,014.450.01%
5572701Coal Briquettes$1,902,595.720.01%
5582308Other Vegetable Residues and Waste$1,899,897.260.01%
5596505Knitted Hats$1,862,418.110.01%
5605211Heavy Mixed Woven Cotton$1,842,590.970.01%
5618475Glass Working Machines$1,838,470.210.01%
5625903Plastic Coated Textile Fabric$1,829,272.280.01%
5634820Paper Notebooks$1,805,894.590.01%
5645210Light Mixed Woven Cotton$1,796,021.280.01%
5673211Prepared Paint Driers$1,780,622.830.01%
5685509Non-Retail Synthetic Staple Fibers Yarn$1,742,237.160.01%
5692301Animal Meal and Pellets$1,716,261.630.01%
5708444Artificial Textile Machinery$1,715,665.000.01%
5726813Friction Material$1,694,530.840.01%
5731104Processed Cereals$1,691,008.360.00%
5749305Weapons Parts and Accessories$1,679,051.680.00%
5758548Electrical Parts$1,671,282.360.00%
5763603Detonating Fuses$1,659,981.440.00%
5770812Preserved Fruits and Nuts$1,646,399.880.00%
5782004Other Frozen Vegetables$1,616,799.600.00%
5798417Industrial Furnaces$1,614,636.590.00%
5804104Tanned Equine and Bovine Hides$1,604,542.980.00%
5811206Sunflower Seeds$1,604,162.700.00%
5828464Stone Working Machines$1,600,382.530.00%
5848485Boat Propellers$1,591,252.520.00%
5857907Other Zinc Products$1,589,772.730.00%
5862934Nucleic Acids$1,570,186.850.00%
5877220Flat-Rolled Stainless Steel$1,554,840.790.00%
5888467Motor-working Tools$1,554,515.910.00%
5909019Therapeutic Appliances$1,536,590.210.00%
5938468Soldering and Welding Machinery$1,506,520.270.00%
5943210Other Paints$1,504,132.430.00%
5958461Metalworking Machines$1,490,182.720.00%
5960706Root Vegetables$1,484,745.510.00%
5978514Electric Furnaces$1,461,740.260.00%
5983301Essential Oils$1,460,864.250.00%
5994004Scrap Rubber$1,459,806.040.00%
6017322Iron Radiators$1,435,292.900.00%
6022835Phosphinates and Phosphonates$1,431,100.440.00%
6047301Iron Sheet Piling$1,427,029.930.00%
6066902Refractory Bricks$1,412,550.380.00%
6071702Other Sugars$1,404,830.320.00%
6085704Felt Carpets$1,398,479.800.00%
6092815Sodium or Potassium Peroxides$1,396,898.980.00%
6114014Pharmaceutical Rubber Products$1,395,222.980.00%
6137005Float Glass$1,388,931.300.00%
6144806Vegetable Parchment$1,383,990.000.00%
6159612Ink Ribbons$1,380,118.310.00%
6166913Ornamental Ceramics$1,375,999.160.00%
6182939Vegetable Alkaloids$1,366,346.910.00%
6194420Wood Ornaments$1,365,058.540.00%
6206804Milling Stones$1,339,305.890.00%
6213601Propellant Powders$1,338,402.210.00%
6237317Iron Nails$1,315,304.500.00%
6248307Flexible Metal Tubing$1,311,133.480.00%
6258448Knitting Machine Accessories$1,308,607.290.00%
6278452Sewing Machines$1,258,546.510.00%
6282003Processed Mushrooms$1,256,204.070.00%
6296815Other Stone Articles$1,255,715.740.00%
6303703Photographic Paper$1,253,057.150.00%
6318510Hair Trimmers$1,247,831.080.00%
6329003Eyewear Frames$1,226,769.140.00%
6334401Fuel Wood$1,213,543.330.00%
6358503Electric Motor Parts$1,201,077.390.00%
6367001Glass Scraps$1,196,125.880.00%
6377007Safety Glass$1,194,920.470.00%
6385516Woven Fabric of Synthetic Staple Fibers$1,193,185.760.00%
6397116Pearl Products$1,192,865.380.00%
6411212Locust Beans$1,185,519.920.00%
6424009Rubber Pipes$1,182,761.310.00%
6448527Radio Receivers$1,165,825.210.00%
6452809Phosphoric Acid$1,156,027.310.00%
6477115Other Precious Metal Products$1,139,319.970.00%
6498305Metal Office Supplies$1,101,938.740.00%
6503812Prepared Rubber Accelerators$1,070,075.130.00%
6532918Carboxylic Acids$1,056,794.980.00%
6541518Inedible Fats and Oils$1,043,903.990.00%
6555604Rubber Textiles$1,042,779.920.00%
6565701Knotted Carpets$1,037,808.010.00%
6599303Other Firearms$1,012,342.570.00%
6627111Platinum Clad Metals$1,004,796.000.00%
6632844Radioactive Chemicals$998,919.000.00%
6647418Copper Housewares$984,454.150.00%
6656309Used Clothing$980,240.170.00%
6660504Animal Organs$976,971.650.00%
6671106Legume Flours$974,669.590.00%
6692915Saturated Acyclic Monocarboxylic Acids$970,831.100.00%
6705705Other Carpets$969,765.170.00%
6713101Animal or Vegetable Fertilizers$961,447.070.00%
6726811Asbestos Cement Articles$960,364.070.00%
6743104Potassic Fertilizers$953,525.220.00%
6758439Papermaking Machines$953,121.240.00%
6768458Metal Lathes$942,167.060.00%
6785007Silk Fabrics$910,348.190.00%
6792834Nitrites and Nitrates$891,142.400.00%
6804409Shaped Wood$890,134.310.00%
6818709Work Trucks$887,806.260.00%
6826310Textile Scraps$879,154.320.00%
6830210Preserved Meat$853,673.930.00%
6848545Carbon-based Electronics$853,193.640.00%
6867804Lead Sheets$843,533.810.00%
6875111Carded Wool or Animal Hair Fabric$842,383.400.00%
6903207Prepared Pigments$820,972.290.00%
6915910Conveyor Belt Textiles$820,263.520.00%
6922923Quaternary Ammonium Salts and Hydroxides$817,939.730.00%
6934907Postage Stamps$807,883.100.00%
6953918Plastic Floor Coverings$794,297.680.00%
6961102Cereal Flours$791,460.210.00%
6975906Rubber Textile Fabric$787,571.620.00%
7000202Frozen Bovine Meat$782,281.800.00%
7014007Rubber Thread$781,009.520.00%
7024402Wood Charcoal$775,708.370.00%
7039614Smoking Pipes$775,322.350.00%
7055309Flax Woven Fabric$769,490.270.00%
7068460Metal Finishing Machines$765,392.400.00%
7079024Tensile Testing Machines$761,672.100.00%
7098404Boiler Plants$749,247.940.00%
7106912Ceramic Tableware$740,790.720.00%
7120603Cut Flowers$734,203.080.00%
7159609Pencils and Crayons$717,900.460.00%
7189010Photo Lab Equipment$715,198.850.00%
7195207Retail Cotton Yarn$698,127.930.00%
7205514Heavy Synthetic Cotton Fabrics$691,844.750.00%
7218455Metal-Rolling Mills$690,860.700.00%
7228201Garden Tools$687,274.600.00%
7237806Other Lead Products$686,771.650.00%
7248540Cathode Tubes$677,860.440.00%
7253213Artistry Paints$664,274.860.00%
7277228Other Steel Bars$658,390.420.00%
7295808Ornamental Trimmings$652,349.400.00%
7313407Pastes and Waxes$650,927.770.00%
7320801Coconuts, Brazil Nuts, and Cashews$649,117.860.00%
7338410Hydraulic Turbines$648,727.930.00%
7346914Other Ceramic Articles$644,441.760.00%
7358609Railway Cargo Containers$643,666.460.00%
7368522Audio and Video Recording Accessories$634,772.860.00%
7377901Raw Zinc$631,517.670.00%
7381105Potato Flours$619,962.500.00%
7398519Sound Recording Equipment$619,685.410.00%
7408459Drilling Machines$607,053.870.00%
7417415Copper Fasteners$604,186.040.00%
7428007Other Tin Products$601,103.000.00%
7436401Waterproof Footwear$596,777.720.00%
7447902Scrap Waste$593,842.640.00%
7459029Revolution Counters$590,716.340.00%
7475112Combed Wool or Animal Hair Fabric$586,563.340.00%
7487222Other Stainless Steel Bars$583,585.390.00%
7508513Portable Lighting$573,397.570.00%
7517009Glass Mirrors$570,444.310.00%
7528202Hand Saws$569,496.440.00%
7535212Other Cotton Fabrics$566,593.790.00%
7542619Slag Dross$564,458.640.00%
7554804Uncoated Kraft Paper$563,864.800.00%
7566907Unglazed Ceramics$562,311.690.00%
7582811Other Inorganic Acids$552,943.340.00%
7595505Artificial Fibers Waste$552,858.810.00%
7601109Wheat Gluten$552,749.490.00%
7610106Other Animals$543,904.020.00%
7623202Synthetic Tanning Extracts$538,446.060.00%
7634006Unvulcanised Rubber Products$535,573.310.00%
7644005Compounded Unvulcanised Rubber$533,382.890.00%
7654812Paper Pulp Filter Blocks$528,445.480.00%
7662921Amine Compounds$526,631.450.00%
7678310Metal Signs$526,068.990.00%
7680507Raw Bones$524,263.000.00%
7699209Musical Instrument Parts$520,510.230.00%
7701513Coconut Oil$518,928.250.00%
7724817Letter Stock$514,308.110.00%
7733818Disc Chemicals for Electronics$514,153.000.00%
7747303Cast Iron Pipes$511,739.070.00%
7755206Non-Retail Mixed Cotton Yarn$505,613.640.00%
7777313Barbed Wire$502,196.840.00%
7780508Coral and Shells$498,811.670.00%
7798530Traffic Signals$497,364.050.00%
7802806Hydrochloric Acid$494,382.500.00%
7827316Iron Anchors$482,291.920.00%
7835303Jute and Other Textile Fibers$481,190.080.00%
7857904Zinc Bars$467,229.340.00%
7867406Copper Powder$466,239.000.00%
7874108Chamois Leather$465,445.280.00%
7885513Light Synthetic Cotton Fabrics$458,566.400.00%
7897605Aluminium Wire$456,808.560.00%
7905907Coated Textile Fabric$455,665.100.00%
7921805Cocoa Powder$448,886.050.00%
7932924Carboxyamide Compounds$448,142.030.00%
7949507Fishing and Hunting Equipment$445,796.260.00%
7952942Other Organic Compounds$443,660.040.00%
7972902Cyclic Hydrocarbons$431,761.510.00%
7983911Petroleum Resins$425,207.940.00%
7998215Cutlery Sets$422,679.240.00%
8019704Revenue Stamps$419,602.410.00%
8027311Iron Gas Containers$416,190.750.00%
8038715Baby Carriages$415,850.040.00%
8047302Iron Railway Products$415,601.860.00%
8058607Locomotive Parts$409,796.180.00%
8064807Composite Paper$404,192.790.00%
8078210Cooking Hand Tools$400,772.990.00%
8080410Other Edible Animal Products$398,064.620.00%
8097410Copper Foil$397,180.000.00%
8109020Breathing Appliances$393,543.500.00%
8118902Fishing Ships$392,144.800.00%
8137003Cast or Rolled Glass$389,831.740.00%
8145404Synthetic Monofilament$387,332.580.00%
8151214Forage Crops$387,030.650.00%
8162929Other Nitrogen Compounds$386,080.090.00%
8182903Halogenated Hydrocarbons$379,965.340.00%
8204106Tanned Goat Hides$368,800.040.00%
8217903Zinc Powder$367,688.650.00%
8226116Knit Gloves$367,315.440.00%
8254413Densified Wood$364,161.930.00%
8267008Insulating Glass$364,145.870.00%
8278532Electrical Capacitors$364,026.040.00%
8286702Artificial Vegetation$360,944.420.00%
8292914Ketones and Quinones$354,070.910.00%
8300601Bulbs and Roots$352,100.550.00%
8323702Photographic Film$351,323.460.00%
8332901Acyclic Hydrocarbons$350,483.690.00%
8348476Vending Machines$350,483.280.00%
8352843Precious Metal Compounds$350,315.000.00%
8368208Cutting Blades$348,934.630.00%
8372621Other Slag and Ash$344,528.410.00%
8387018Glass Beads$342,962.010.00%
8393606Pyrophoric Alloys$342,370.840.00%
8405609Other Articles of Twine and Rope$342,366.150.00%
8411804Cocoa Butter$340,047.380.00%
8421504Fish Oil$339,229.740.00%
8439616Scent Sprays$338,227.060.00%
8442823Titanium Oxides$318,838.230.00%
8458435Fruit Pressing Machinery$310,372.530.00%
8476215Neck Ties$306,733.920.00%
8486308Packaged Sewing Sets$302,265.280.00%
8492303Starch Residue$298,044.740.00%
8506506Other Headwear$297,933.020.00%
8512931Other Organo-Inorganic Compounds$293,974.850.00%
8524003Reclaimed Rubber$285,606.420.00%
8537103Precious Stones$283,009.700.00%
8549002Mirrors and Lenses$282,006.880.00%
8554903Children's Picture Books$281,813.020.00%
8588206Tool Sets$278,524.950.00%
8592808Nitric Acids$278,070.680.00%
8604414Wood Frames$274,788.610.00%
8612919Phosphoric Esters and Salts$273,452.320.00%
8622709Crude Petroleum$273,067.840.00%
8635801Woven Fabrics$270,803.180.00%
8648304Filing Cabinets$264,468.990.00%
8654809Carbon Paper$262,898.470.00%
8669207Electric Musical Instruments$260,390.950.00%
8673801Artificial Graphite$259,163.330.00%
8682846Rare-Earth Metal Compounds$258,013.000.00%
8698214Other Cutlery$256,790.940.00%
8709007Video Cameras$253,874.650.00%
8728546Electrical Insulators$250,620.620.00%
8733810Metal Pickling Preparations$249,781.950.00%
8756704Fake Hair$246,266.930.00%
8762917Polycarboxylic Acids$245,825.080.00%
8773819Hydraulic Brake Fluid$242,050.610.00%
8784706Recovered Paper Pulp$241,225.580.00%
8798454Casting Machines$240,764.630.00%
8802805Alkaline Metals$239,232.390.00%
8812819Chromium Oxides and Hydroxides$231,544.130.00%
8829012Non-optical Microscopes$229,614.770.00%
8837229Steel Wire$228,880.880.00%
8846808Vegetable Fiber$227,316.360.00%
8850506Processed Bones$224,078.470.00%
8864503Natural Cork Articles$222,824.510.00%
8878405Water and Gas Generators$222,528.940.00%
8883821Micro-Organism Culture Preparations$222,521.280.00%
8899017Drafting Tools$220,796.360.00%
8909108Watch Movements$220,086.280.00%
8912847Hydrogen peroxide$218,527.840.00%
8949113Watch Straps$217,617.440.00%
8955504Unprocessed Artificial Staple Fibers$214,824.000.00%
8968203Hand Tools$213,201.580.00%
8974906Architectural Plans$210,583.080.00%
8984419Wood Kitchenware$210,106.980.00%
8993205Lake Pigments$209,828.840.00%
9007223Stainless Steel Wire$208,381.400.00%
9027508Other Nickel Products$198,425.860.00%
9035605Metallic Yarn$193,895.150.00%
9047020Other Glass Articles$193,083.670.00%
9062603Copper Ore$190,136.740.00%
9072307Wine Lees$188,222.910.00%
9087109Gold Clad Metals$185,502.560.00%
9093913Natural Polymers$177,697.080.00%
9103103Phosphatic Fertilizers$175,156.620.00%
9119105Other Clocks$174,862.550.00%
9126903Refractory Ceramics$174,171.900.00%
9134416Wood Barrels$171,474.560.00%
9142821Iron Oxides and Hydroxides$169,975.700.00%
9161803Cocoa Paste$167,548.730.00%
9197227Steel Bars$161,794.150.00%
9205901Gum Coated Textile Fabric$160,206.240.00%
9215811Quilted Textiles$158,380.280.00%
9226216Non-Knit Gloves$157,192.990.00%
9233706Motion-picture film, exposed and developed$156,805.600.00%
9242825Inorganic Salts$155,885.930.00%
9251506Other Animal Fats$154,325.470.00%
9273704Undeveloped Exposed Photographic Material$152,924.160.00%
9287203Iron Reductions$152,465.380.00%
9299114Other Clocks and Watches$150,988.650.00%
9306113Garments of Impregnated Fabric$150,134.150.00%
9314816Other Carbon Paper$148,163.050.00%
9325305Coconut and Other Vegetable Fibers$146,273.030.00%
9339508Fairground Amusements$146,264.250.00%
9347405Copper Alloys$143,976.850.00%
9359202String Instruments$142,262.790.00%
9377016Glass Bricks$137,821.680.00%
9387319Iron Sewing Needles$137,045.210.00%
9398706Vehicle Chassis$136,597.000.00%
9405106Non-Retail Carded Wool Yarn$135,283.880.00%
9416909Laboratory Ceramic Ware$133,820.170.00%
9423203Vegetable or Animal Dyes$132,261.970.00%
9430501Human Hair$131,483.000.00%
9447017Laboratory Glassware$131,002.910.00%
9452904Sulfonated, Nitrated or Nitrosated Hydrocarbons$130,981.580.00%
9469304Spring, Air, and Gas Guns$125,783.300.00%
9477006Glass with Edge Workings$125,213.260.00%
9522807Sulfuric Acid$116,000.090.00%
9537205Iron Powder$115,510.240.00%
9541401Vegetable Plaiting Materials$111,853.460.00%
9568420Rolling Machines$110,228.520.00%
9577503Scrap Nickel$109,909.170.00%
9585107Non-Retail Combed Wool Yarn$109,437.150.00%
9597401Precipitated Copper$108,979.000.00%
9605902Polyamide Fabric$108,283.910.00%
9622206Other Fermented Beverages$103,773.850.00%
9632940Chemically Pure Sugars$103,515.000.00%
9664111Leather Sheets$102,840.060.00%
9674304Artificial Fur$99,674.210.00%
9684601Plaiting Products$99,634.410.00%
9697502Raw Nickel$98,920.690.00%
9727611Large Aluminium Containers$91,167.640.00%
9734417Wooden Tool Handles$91,078.140.00%
9742207Alcohol > 80% ABV$87,338.370.00%
9759617Vacuum Flask$87,212.400.00%
9767413Stranded Copper Wire$86,401.520.00%
9772511Barium Sulphate$86,217.180.00%
9797104Synthetic Reconstructed Jewellery Stones$85,385.000.00%
9817201Pig Iron$83,906.230.00%
9827613Aluminium Gas Containers$83,813.870.00%
9842831Dithionites and Sulfoxylates$80,784.870.00%
9853201Vegetable Tanning Extracts$80,551.590.00%
9887004Blown Glass$76,610.810.00%
9916603Umbrella and Walking Stick Accessories$73,082.600.00%
9921501Pig and Poultry Fat$73,061.310.00%
9938608Railway Track Fixtures$72,804.000.00%
9945006Retail Silk Yarn$72,180.230.00%
9955403Non-Retail Artificial Filament Yarn$70,914.180.00%
9969605Travel Kits$70,617.150.00%
9999602Vegetable and Mineral Carvings$68,525.000.00%
10007105Precious Stone Dust$67,879.000.00%
10011505Wool Grease$63,134.240.00%
10035905Textile Wall Coverings$62,379.490.00%
10042851Inorganic Compounds$60,869.370.00%
10059107Time Switches$59,923.570.00%
10062925Carboxyimide Compounds$59,551.000.00%
10074404Wood Stakes$59,512.240.00%
10084013Rubber Inner Tubes$58,751.450.00%
10094904Sheet Music$58,404.340.00%
10103813Fire Extinguishers Preparations$57,396.730.00%
10113804Wood Pulp Lyes$56,735.170.00%
10129611Rubber Stamps$56,270.690.00%
10139208Other Musical Instruments$55,889.030.00%
10147218Stainless Steel Ingots$54,642.880.00%
10152816Magnesium Hydroxide and Peroxide$54,314.820.00%
10168449Felt Machinery$53,977.000.00%
10178209Tool Plates$53,871.850.00%
10181508Ground Nut Oil$52,547.230.00%
10193705Developed Exposed Photographic Material$51,148.850.00%
10205501Synthetic Filament Tow$47,036.950.00%
10228001Raw Tin$45,008.000.00%
10238602Other Locomotives$44,995.000.00%
10248604Railway Maintenance Vehicles$44,437.000.00%
10256812Asbestos Fibres$44,213.510.00%
10271802Cocoa Shells$42,496.140.00%
10284109Patent Leather$42,052.000.00%
10295805Hand-Woven Tapestries$41,977.650.00%
10300909Spice Seeds$41,633.800.00%
10319106Time Recording Instruments$41,499.140.00%
10323803Tall Oil$41,029.510.00%
10339103Clocks with Watch Movements$40,993.570.00%
10346703Processed Hair$40,255.000.00%
10351603Animal Extracts$39,122.000.00%
10364701Mechanical Wood Pulp$38,602.820.00%
10378003Tin Bars$38,412.830.00%
10385308Other Vegetable Fibers Yarn$38,351.850.00%
10395302Hemp Fibers$38,301.120.00%
10405908Textile Wicks$36,059.020.00%
10417107Silver Clad Metals$35,939.000.00%
10421522Fat and Oil Residues$35,831.180.00%
10439205Wind Instruments$35,169.890.00%
10447402Raw Copper$34,909.640.00%
10465909Hose Piping Textiles$34,350.400.00%
10478112Other Metals$33,999.010.00%
10486602Walking Sticks$33,382.000.00%
10493914Polymer Ion-Exchangers$32,108.100.00%
10505606Gimp Yarn$31,971.200.00%
10517505Nickel Bars$31,421.000.00%
10529307Bladed Weapons and Accessories$31,195.000.00%
10544110Leather Waste$29,925.400.00%
10554501Raw Cork$29,023.320.00%
10564405Wood Wool$27,920.000.00%
10572928Hydrazine or Hydroxylamine Derivatives$27,443.920.00%
10584017Hard Rubber$27,004.410.00%
10625506Processed Synthetic Staple Fibers$25,593.520.00%
10634704Sulfite Chemical Woodpulp$25,589.610.00%
10649104Dashboard Clocks$25,384.000.00%
10657603Aluminium Powder$25,156.090.00%
10672601Iron Ore$24,003.000.00%
10689109Clock Movements$23,124.000.00%
10694406Railroad Ties$22,971.960.00%
10705802Terry Fabric$22,556.000.00%
10725307Jute Yarn$20,508.720.00%
10755301Flax Fibers$19,588.320.00%
10769601Worked Ivory and Bone$19,533.690.00%
10770814Citrus and Melon Peels$19,358.440.00%
10781502Bovine, Sheep, and Goat Fat$18,383.990.00%
10790510Pharmaceutical Animal Products$18,150.000.00%
10819008Image Projectors$17,812.670.00%
10825511Retail Artificial Staple Fibers Yarn$17,732.000.00%
10854504Agglomerated Cork$16,834.650.00%
10862829Chlorates and Perchlorates$16,112.000.00%
10887011Glass Bulbs$15,614.430.00%
10902510Calcium Phosphates$14,843.010.00%
10912926Nitrile Compounds$14,718.970.00%
10927224Steel Ingots$14,457.560.00%
10934502Debacked Cork$13,416.000.00%
10945109Retail Wool or Animal Hair Yarn$12,519.000.00%
10969110Incomplete Movement Sets$11,927.000.00%
10980502Pig Hair$11,816.000.00%
10992604Nickel Ore$11,637.000.00%
11012617Other Ores$11,082.000.00%
11020208Other Meat$10,811.210.00%
11042615Niobium, Tantalum, Vanadium and Zirconium Ore$10,611.000.00%
11055809Metallic Fabric$10,556.760.00%
11062512Siliceous Fossil Meals$10,441.100.00%
11075310Jute Woven Fabric$10,349.830.00%
11087506Nickel Sheets$10,129.000.00%
11092920Other Esters$10,121.000.00%
11112824Lead Oxides$9,997.000.00%
11128601Electric Locomotives$8,818.000.00%
11138520Dictation Machines$8,388.990.00%
11145306Flax Yarn$8,006.000.00%
11155001Silkworm Cocoons$7,733.000.00%
11163817Alkylbenzenes and Alkylnaphthalenes$7,221.880.00%
11187002Glass Balls$7,056.750.00%
11195406Retail Artificial Filament Yarn$6,459.000.00%
11205311Other Vegetable Fibers Fabric$6,337.000.00%
11217014Signaling Glassware$6,170.000.00%
11225102Animal Hair$5,971.000.00%
11257507Nickel Pipes$5,094.960.00%
11272616Precious Metal Ore$4,900.000.00%
11283807Wood Tar, Oils and Pitch$4,580.810.00%
11299604Hand Sifters$4,356.000.00%
11326502Hat Shapes$4,079.000.00%
11341213Cereal Straws$3,653.000.00%
11372906Cyclic Alcohols$2,925.530.00%
11391801Cocoa Beans$2,700.000.00%
11405405Artificial Monofilament$2,658.000.00%
11417015Eyewear and Clock Glass$2,626.730.00%
11420205Horse Meat$2,503.000.00%
11456701Bird Skins and Feathers$2,229.160.00%
11472845Other Isotopes$1,736.010.00%
11489112Clock Cases and Parts$1,655.000.00%
11490505Bird Feathers and Skins$1,642.000.00%
11512841Oxometallic or Peroxometallic Acid Salts$1,466.580.00%
11536507Headbands and Linings$1,330.090.00%
11542850Hydrides and other anions$1,215.000.00%
11565105Prepared Wool or Animal Hair$1,077.000.00%

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