Saturday, 8 August 2015

Αυτή η χώρα ρε φίλε, δεν σώζεται με τίποτα άμα λάχει , να πούμε.                                            
Τίποτα? Μίστερ Φόρτεεεε.

Loose translation:  Nothing let's say my friend, can save this country.

Nothing?  Mr Forteeee (cleaning product from the seventies).

Some of us still remember  this clip from the Greece of the 70s/80s.

 So while you are listening to the man, Harry Klynn, you can reminiscence those care free days of the 80s and weep.                                                                                                                                                             

               Click on this black square to hear a very
               interesting interpretation of Greek politics
               of the 80's.



But seriously folks...

The situation in Greece has been worsening ever since successive governments had been borrowing heavily during the three sinful decades 80s, 90s and 00s.
As you can see from the graph they all borrowed and borrowed and borrowed...

I wonder could Karamanlis have foreseen this when he entered Greece in the Common Market of the 70s? And if he had would he have done so?

As of recent there has been a lot of talk about the damage that will be done by the ever increasing demands of the Mnemonia (forced labour and social changes by the International Lenders) on the Greek Social structure.
Maybe, however, the forced and painful normalization is necessary in a society that knows of no such things as Accountability and  Common Good. A society that everyone is looking only after Number One...

One thing must be done by Greek people: They must open their eyes and LOOK around at what is happening in the World. What will they do while It is moving forward in the globalized era?
Will they just sit back and talk about it, like peasants in a small village café or take part in this ever progressing age we are?

An eye opener...

While reading another complain on "large company taking over the Greek economy" by a Greek web Medium, I came across a study published by a company on behalf of the Hellenic Bank Association and the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises.

The study was done in 2011 by McKinsey & Co and is called Greece 10 years ahead.

Take a look,  you will find things  talked about at every coffee shop but, it seems, the politicians never heard of.

Go to:

And on this Bombshell we say...         Have a nice day.