Friday, 26 May 2017



The need of gas exploration and distribution in the East Med has been obvious as geopolitics and geophysics have been forcing an ever increasing number of governments and oil companies to explore new fields for an energy hungry Europe.

Map of Med EEZs
The East Med is emerging as the prime location of the most important hydrocarbon concentrations in the European locality.  Hydrocarbons have been found in the basins of Egypt, Israel and Cyprus, with more expected to be found in the areas around Crete and the Ionian Sea.
The politics of the three major players have been geared towards cooperating to create the conditions for safe and efficient exploration. 
To do this they have come to agreements on territorial claims using the internationally accepted codes of practice, namely the delimitation of  EXCLUSIVE ECONOMIC ZONES (EEZs).

There is, however, a problem: the refusal by neighbouring Turkey to allow the peaceful delimitation of the  EEZs.
The Turkish problem is that its sea border with Greece does not allow for expansion into the Aegean. Because of this, Turkey, in recent years,  since Aegean and East Med energy has become important for the region, has devised a number of ways to disrupt exploration and claim Greek Aegean areas as its own.

Kastelorizo denies Turkey exit to the Med.
It behaves as a "policeman" with continuous naval and air exercises in international waters between itself and Greece, with search operations as far as southwest of Crete and claims of territorial waters far beyond its continental shelf.
Turkey has followed the "Death by a thousand stabbings" policy in its effort to create the climate of ownership on the Aegean.
It is becoming increasingly obvious that the policy of ignoring or playing down these activities from the part of Greece has the opposite effect on its aggressive neighbour.    As it is well known appeasement results in audacity and breeds aggression. So it is important, according to this reporter's opinion, for Greece to take positive steps to do the following:
Agree EEZs with Israel, Cyprus, Egypt, Italy and possibly Albania to create a climate of action and  cooperation with its neighbours.

Take steps to go forward with gas exploration in the two areas already identified around south of Crete and the Ionian sea.

Call on Turkey to come to dialogue over creating an EEZ between the two countries.
60% in Libya, 40% in Greece
It is now more important than ever, since apparently, the biggest deposit of natural gas in the world has been found between Crete and Libya.

I wonder is this why our countries are destroyed by International Imperialism?