Tuesday, 15 September 2015

A question of pride and prejudice

Are we ruled by traitors?tsipras surrender austerity2

This is a question that burns my guts. I often thought this question on my 60 year journey on this planet. A journey in which I experienced a series of  feelings of extreme pride followed by a series of feelings of abysmal hopelessness.
The culmination of the latter was the infamous Tsipras U-turn on the referendum he called in Greece in July.
Most Greeks, both those who supported him and those who didn't thought that this was the last stance of the Greek wanting to live with pride.
And the Greek people voted with their feet not to accept capitulation but to live a hard but independent existence. Not to be had.
Of all the U-turns, broken promises and destroyed dreams this must have been the hardest.
I will not analyse the pros and cons as it would both bore you and raise a lot of argument.
All I will say is why are people the last to learn, in the best occasions, what is going on behind the closed doors of the international chess games.

Are they all sleeping with the enemy?

The following report refers to Tsipras' holidays. The criticism is not that he enjoys opulent time out from politics.
That's Okay, if he has money he may spend it as he pleases, opulent holidays, kids in private education etc.
What is of importance is the connections with the illuminati, in other words

DIAPLOKI.  Inter-connection.

 Pay attention:

Mr Tsipras and spouse spent the Summer in a luxury villa  in Sounio, which they rented from ship owner Thanasis Martinos whose name appears in the Lagarde list.
Mr Martinos' daughter is Georgia Martini MP for New Democracy.
 In the picture: Mr Tsipras in the boat   of  Mr Costas Yiotis who was the go between in the villa rental.

Mr Martinos is a ship owner who in 2013 declared that shipping was going through hard times and he could only cover costs!
He, however, managed to order, in 2011,  the building of ships worth $350 million to shipbuilders in Korea.

There are three Martinos brothers who, together own 100 ships, mainly tankers,
of 8.5 million dwt through their three companies.

Are we ruled by traitors to their own promises?

Before the general election of January Mr Tsipras could be thought of as St. George killing the dragon with his spear.

    After the infamous referendum he looks more like
    HMV's dog.

Above, a smug Mr Martinos  probably thinks  " I've got you in my pocket..."

To me, a simple layman, this has been the biggest let down in the history of let downs, the mother of all U-turns, the standard by which all promise breaks will be judged.
It is about time that Greeks should go to the pols and vote NONE OF THE ABOVE.

To close, I have to admit: I have become prejudiced against all Greek politicians.

Greece needs a new constitution.

Greece needs only 100 MPs.

Avery good morning to all of you.