Tuesday, 19 July 2016




 Defence of the country against a neighbour which is poised to dominate the Aegean can only be realisable through superior defence systems.

Greece has traditionally been a naval power with strength in owing the most advance naval units, including the Super Vita missile boats (British), the Russian Zubr Landing hovercraft (Russian), with the latest being the  Type 214 submarines (German)-the most advanced conventional submarines in the world.
It is however impossible to carry out the very expensive purchases of main naval units it desperately needs in its dire economic situation.

In these difficult economic times it becomes obvious that it could do much worse in defending itself and projecting a strong geostrategic image than buying cheap but not cheerful defence systems offered by Russia which could defend the Aegean if strategically positioned in a number of Greek islands.

Not only these defence systems are proposed to Greece at prices much lower than competitor's, they can be part-paid with agricultural product sales to Russia.

Any other option is defeatist.

Su-35 versus Typhoon: Who Wins?

The Russia built SU-35.
The only fighter plane that can defeat Turkey's near future acquisitions of the American F35 Lightning.

The BrahMos is a Russian/Indian made anti-ship cruise missile able to be launched from air, sea or land. With a range of 290 Km and a supersonic speed of 3 Mach is a formidable defence weapon.

The S-400 missile system is S-300's big brother. It has a range of between 40 and 400 Km depending on carried missile and it is an anti-aircraft defence system.

So go on comrade Tsipras do something good for the country.


and make the Aegean a Greek lake again.