Saturday, 6 June 2015

Why do the Turks claim greek islands?


Borders in the Middle East  will be redrawn according to reports.

In a surprise  move the United Nations have UNANIMUSLY agreed to rearrange the borders as shown in the leaked map below to accommodate the creation of New Nations in an effort to bring peace and stability to the area.

The date of this monumental move is Lunsday 31st June 2014.

                                                                                                                Map leaked by  WHellakileaks.


An extensive series of articles have been published and various actions have been made public, amounting to an attempt to legalise the proposition or plan to annexe a number of Greek islands.
The map shown above IS a true map published by VATAN PARTISI, the website of the left wing Patriotic Party, a minor party without any seats in Parliament.

According to them: In a NATO summit in Rome the Americans presented a map  with Turkey being split to create Kurdistan and they have conducted a military exercise to invade Turkey and they called it the "Millennium Challenge 2002".
They call upon people to confront the USA and the main parties especially the CHP. They also say the following:
"Those who collaborate with the USA are confronting the nation. They will pay the price and have even began to pay.
The CHP began to experience the results of cutting his ties with the land and the nation. Those who have been voting for the CHP for 40 years now say that they will not vote for the CHP again. The CHP will stay under the 10 percent electoral threshold."

It may seem paranoid that the Turks, the most important ally of the Americans in the Region, may feel so wronged, however according to the Middle East Forum (MEF) this fear may be well founded.
In quoting MEF:
"The Turkish National Assembly stunned U.S. policymakers by voting against participation in Operation Iraqi Freedom...
...The U.S.-Turkish partnership remained strong throughout the Cold War. Turkey was a North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) member and a frontline state against the Soviet Union...
... The loss of Ankara as a reliable ally has forced U.S. policymakers to readjust their regional strategy. Turkey may no longer be a pivotal state...
...The Turkish National Assembly stunned U.S. policymakers by voting against participation in Operation Iraqi Freedom...
...Does this mean that Ankara should cease to be considered a U.S. ally? No. The Turkish military remains a major U.S. partner in Afghanistan, and the United States remains Turkey's third largest export partner. Washington should do all that is reasonable to maintain strong military ties with Turkey.
This does not mean, however, that U.S. policymakers should turn a blind eye to some worrying signs in Turkish political life, most notably anti-Americanism..."

Do we still think that Turkey is just paranoid?  Hmmm...

Now we can understand why they will try their best to create trouble in the Aegean to balance their troubled Eastern Territories.


Thursday, 4 June 2015

World first: Ancient Greek's private lives revealed.

Actual evidence of the Ancient's sexual inclinations have been revealed. 

A stile recently auctioned by Christie's in London has given an insight on the unknown lives of the Ancients.
The  interest lies at the two obvious points on the stile.
Without going into too much detail these points are the positions of the hands of the bearded men.



A stile WAS auctioned by Christie's on Wednesday April 14th for 128.020 Euros.
The point of interest is that Greek Ministry of Culture maintains that the tomb stile was removed from an ancient cemetery in Halkida and it did ask for the removal of the stile from the auction.
This was rejected and now the Greek Ministry will be looking at other avenues for the repatriation of  the ancient stile.

The 4th century tomb stile with the inscription   ΔΩΡΙΑΣ  ΠΟΣΕΙΔΩΝΙΟΥ   (Dorias Poseidonios) is shown below.
It was listed in Greece by Edward Shubert in 1844 and was seen by Alexander Rizos Ragavis (1809-1892), Poet and Author who was a member of the Fanariots (members of the Greek Revolution secret society).
According to the Greek authorities this means presence during the New Greek State and consequently right of ownership by Greece.

Η Ελλάδα δεν μπόρεσε να εμποδίσει τη δημοπρασία σπάνιας επιτύμβιας στήλης
 The tomb stile depicting Dorias leaving for Ades, being sent off by another and a girl.

The hunter of stolen antiquities.

Dr Christos Chirogiannis is an archaelogist who works within a team of dedicated scientists poised to discover and demand the repatriation of stolen antiquities.
The team includes David Gill-University of Swansea, Christopher Chippendale-University of Cambridge and Lord Renfrew-University of Cambridge.
 Dr Tsirogiannis has worked with the Greek Ministry of Culture in the case of the Schinousa Vila in 2006.
He was also responsible in 2010, for the cancelation of the sale of four Roman sculptures by Bonham's, which he prove were the object of illegal  trade.                                                  
                                                                                                                      Dr Tsirogiannis

Information taken  from:                             dimoprasia-spanias-epitymvias-stilis