Sunday, 21 February 2016



In an effort to perpetuate their illegal claims and the perceived view that the whole Aegean should be shared, those Turkish create more stir in  the sea around Chios.

A sea demonstration was organised as a continuation of previous actions by Turkish organisations  mentioned in our issue of April 2015 " The new Turkish islands of the Aegean".
These actions are not one off or spasmodic actions by insignificant or unimportant minorities within the Turkish state, but continuous and methodically conceived and organised actions by an "enemy" state through organisations which are controlled by it.
The new step here is the involvement of the main opposition party whose MP Mr Niyazi Nefi Kara
during question time said that there is Greek occupation of 16 islands in the Aegean.
The demonstration was reported in Turkish Zaman (14/2/2016).

This is new action acted on the 14th of February.

At the same time as the Turkish MP posed the questions in the Parliament a group of Turks seen here, demonstrated "against the illegal occupation" of the 16 islands by Greece.

" These islands are not included in those which had been granted to Greece by the Treaty of Lausane or the Treaties of Paris.  Even now the Greek government manages the islands temporarily and on a de facto basis. These islands are part of the Turkish territory", said Turkish Minister of Defense Mr Ismet Yilmaz March 2015, adding that the issue is discussed ... supposedly with Greece!.
In a previous occasion it was the Turkish Foreign Ministry that had said that the issue ... was discussed between the two countries.


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