Thursday, 12 February 2015

Eurogroup My love

Has a new love story grown at the Eurogroup meeting?

It is the instant fame that Varoufakis has received which has made him so desirable to the opposite sex.
So desirable indeed that even the strong woman of IMF Laggard has fallen under his spell.
Or maybe she has identified with his stylish, slightly leatheresque look and his chiselled features.
One way or another they both will have a hard job explaining just how they were  both seen to wear the same scarf at the Eurogroup.

How can they POssibly explain  it.

Here is what goes round at the corridors.
There was a mix up with the rooms at the hotel where they both had bookings and when Yiannis saw the forgotten scarf immediately made it his own to remind him of his tete-a-tete with gorgeous Laggard.
Notice the untacked shirt.

Danae beware...

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