Saturday, 18 April 2015

The New Turkish islands of the Aegean

More proof that the Turks are not a peaceful nation? 

Forget invading Cyprus, supporting separatist movements in Northern Greece or supporting anti-Greek religious groups in FYROM and extreme nationalist expansionism in Albania.
The latest Turkish "peaceful" declaration towards its neighbour Greece is the intention of annexation/invasion of 16 -yes 16- Greek islands.
The islands are shown here in the map with their respective names in bold letters.
They are all well known Greek islands most of them populated.
The most well known ones are Oinouses, Fourni, Farmakonisi, Agathonisi, Kalolimnos, Dia, Gavthos.
The less known ones are Kira Panagia, Fimena, Arkoi, Koufonisi, Giali, Platia, Sirna, Gaithouronisi and Dionisathes.

Is it true?

Why are they doing it?

What will Greece do about it?

Let's examine things from the beginning:
On February 27 Ümit Özdağ, Lecturer of Political Science and Chairman of the Institute "Turkey - 21st Century" declared that " Turkey must claim the lost Greek islands of the Aegean - which have been left to Greece because of Turkish indifference - as a counterbalance for the Turkish losses in its eastern borders".
He obviously refers to losses of sovereignty to a new Kurdish state.
Ümit Özdağ claimed that the Turkish government has recent studies which prove that Greek sovereignty of the islands is illegal and they belong to Turkey.
He then asked Turkish prime Minister Ahmet Davoutoglou what actions he has undertaken towards taking the islands.

 Some facts:
"Turkey - 21st Century" institute. One of the many Government sponsored Turkish organisations that deals with geo-strategic matters.

A "special committee" has been formed to claim the islands. Members of this committee are:
Retired General Naci Beştepe Vice Chairman of the political Kemalist party Vatan.
Judge  Tırgut Okyar.
Ex General Secretary of Turkish Ministry of Defence retired Colonel Ümit Yalım.
The committee has declared that the making of the Aegean into a Greek lake must not be allowed.

Watch this video on the 16 island claim by the Turks.

Already since 2013 Davoutoglou has been declaring the Turkish challenge on the Greek islands.
More on this on the article by the newspaper TA NEA on the website

The inevitable questions:

Is it really possible that the Turks are so bold to really intend to take these islands by force? Do they really want to get to war with Greece? Are the Americans going to allow it? Are the Greeks able to defend the islands? Is another Cyprus on the making? Or do they use this rhetoric, as usual, for internal consumption ( me thinks unlikely )?
Is it possible they use this method as a means of pressure towards getting a share of the Aegean resources? Is it likely that now that the great South Eastern energy race is on they have this method only to claim a piece of the pie?

I have to admit I am waiting with great anxiety but also excitement to see how the new kids on the block in Greece will deal with this new issue.
Are they going to use the usual "head in the sand" action inaction or is Defence Minister Kamenos going to do something gutsy?


 I know, too many questions...


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