Monday, 25 January 2016


Brazil is looking for new suppliers of wheat.                                 

Will a visit to Greece by Brazilian traders spark a wind of change in the Greek economy?                                   

A very large contingent of Brazilian traders and government officials with main representative the Giant company Coonagro signed a number of deals with Greek Farmers and Government.

The Brazilians want to make Greece part of the production chain of Brazilian agricultural products through the partnership of companies of the two countries which will use raw materials from Latin America such as soya, sugar, and meat products. The final products will be exported to the East European markets.
The reasons for choosing Greece is its dynamic farming sector and its membership of the EU which enforces important European criteria of production.


  • The first agreement is between Coonagro and ΕΛΒΙΖ (Hellenic Animal Feed Manufacturers)  for the production of animal food and soya oil with Brazilian soya seed. These will be exported to Russia and any leftover product will be sold to Brazil.
  • The second agreement is between Coonagro and  ΔΗΜΗΤΡΑ who will produce pet foods with Brazilian meat products destined for export.
  • More agreements are worked between Coonagro and Greek companies for use of silos and port facilities.
  • Coonagro has started talks with farming cooperatives in Thessaloniki, Kilkis, Karditsa and Alexandroupoli for agreements on the cultivation of 500,000 acres of wheat for export to Brazil.
  • Another player is IBRA, the largest company of farming technology in Latin America.They hope to help produce in Greece, crops of wheat of double the yield with nanotechnology.
  • Further more, the talks between Greeks and Brazilians included possible deals on Tourism and energy.
  • PETROBRAS refineries  want to supply ΕΛΠΕ with oil to be made into DIESEL.


In the mean time Greek farmers empty their milk jugs in the street and block the motorways in protest for now having to pay tax!

Hey stupid, wake up and smell the change. Get off your backside and pay yor taxes like everybody else.

It seems to me that there is a section of Greece's population that just wants to sit back at the KAFENEION and argue about change while the rest of the world is buzzing by.

Hey stupid, wake up and smell the change.

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